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Needless to say I’ve been not blogging for a while now……only due to being in prison for 5 months. It makes it seem more real writing about it, probably why it’s taken me a few weeks (I’ve been “free” for 19 days now)

I was not prepared for my time in jail, and my blog title now of formerly normal feels more appropriate now than it did prior. One thing that I cannot stress enough is that prison is not what it is portrayed as on  television, it’s harsh, and brutal and probably the biggest rude awakening you can ever have. I’ll admit, up until the day I was put into custody I kinda thought I’d had it rough…..I had absolutely no freaking idea what that meant, I do now, and, honestly, it has changed me, and will do so I feel for the rest of my life.

So now, my blog may take another turn, and I will be frank and at times blunt about my time, my experiences, and what it’s like to deal with anxiety, depression, ocd throughout incarceration. For now I’m struggling to actually talk about what happened, my feelings and all that, but it is yet again, easier to write, and the anonymity of a blog is helpful, safe if you like and that’s a feeling I now cherish, and revel in – that old saying of “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” rings true for me now on so many levels.

I apologise for my “babbling” that may follow in future posts, I’m using this as a coping strategy, and hoping that it helps. Daily life is a struggle now, more so than ever and I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting journey to get back to “me” or, discovering the new me, my new life and all that it entails.

It is currently a ridiculous time of night in my corner of the world – my sleeping habits need a bit of help 🙂 so I will sign off for this entry, and will attempt to write more soon