So, I stopped blogging……

Writing about everything just made it too real, too close to home, and reliving things was just something I couldn’t bear. 

Turns out, this was not the right move….. I need to deal, I need to remember, and I need to accept that shit happens, move on….

So, I’ll write again, I’ll relive the past, hope for a better future and try to fight these demons. 

My depression, ocd, and PTSD is a part of my life – every day…and its hard, I’ll never escape my past, no matter how hard I try. 

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve just myself numerous times, and others.  I’ve self harmed, I’ve questioned every freaking aspect of myself, with no answers.  I’ve been to jail. I’ve been abused, I’ve been hurt and betrayed, I’ve let people down…

This blog is my way of attempting to process things, I don’t know if anyone reads it, but, if you do, I’m here, and if this helps in any way…I’m glad.