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The demons in my head are taking over. 

I’m scared and alone, even though I’m in my home.  There’s no where to run, no where to hide, they’re always with me, always inside. 

My heart and my soul are no longer my own, the demons now have them, and they will always be scarred, tainted and broken. 

Theres too many to fight now, too much pain, so much sadness, I’ll never be the same. 

So I’ll sit and watch the demons take me, wait and see what they will do. I’ll watch my light slowly flicker, and try to stay strong, the demons say otherwise, tell me that I’m  wrong. 

Ride the waves of panic, of obsession and despair.  Can’t fight the current, it pulls me under and holds me there. 

Drowning in the demons now, I cannot hold on.  I wish that I was stronger, wish that they were wrong. 

The demons have taken over, I am no longer me, there’s nothing to save me now, I will never be free.