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I’m wanting to try and tell the story of my time in prison, from beginning to end and then beyond. Honestly, I have no idea how this will go, if I’m even capable of doing it, but I will try. 

I am not a violent offender, my crimes were fraud in nature, and so my experience would be different than someone who was convicted of a violent crime.  I didn’t spend a long time in maximum security, and was fortunate to be transferred to a minimum security facility.  

It is not wentworth, nor anything out of Orange is the new black.  This story is based on me, my experiences and my view. There was never any intention to write this blog while I was incarcerated, if anything I’m using it as a kind of therapy.  I haven’t dealt with things, I still have nightmares and flashbacks.  That time haunts me, and it may not be as traumatic for some people, but it was for me.  

 So, here goes…….